Cognac Prunier is releasing eight guaranteed age statements from 10 to 80 years old - a first in the world of cognac - reserved exclusively for the travelling connoisseur.

This is a rare opportunity to discover an alternative approach to cognac, compared to the traditional commercial appellations such as VS (legal minimum two years), VSOP legal minimum four years) or XO and Extra (legal minimum six years).

In keeping with our commitment to present the most natural cognacs possible, all eight are guaranteed to be free of colouring, sugar and le boisé (added wood extract), although these are permitted, so the spirit can be enjoyed exactly as it left the barrel.

French law requires that flawless documentation tracing the origin and subsequent ageing of a cognac be available in order to claim a specific age on the label. With stocks of old eaux-de-vie laid down over many generations of the Prunier family, the authenticity of these cognacs can be verified in the registers at our offices in Cognac. In each case, the statement of age refers to the youngest cognac in the blend.

"We are a very small company and perhaps make our cognac in old-fashioned ways," says President and Master Blender Stéphane Burnez. "But we have a lot of experience in age statements and vintages and believe in being different.

"We like to let the origin and age of our products shine through, rather than reducing everything to VS, VSOP, XO and so on. We hope therefore that lovers of high quality aged spirits will enjoy discovering this collection, showcasing the full potential of some of the finest eaux-de-vie from the Cognac region."


Further age expressions are planned

Our initial range of eight Age Statement cognacs from 10 to 80 years old in 10 year increments was conceived to show the evolution of cognac aromas and flavours over time, using eaux-de-vie we consider outstanding examples of their particular age.

But within Prunier's extensive stocks of aged cognac are many fine eaux-de-vie which offer the chance to sample other ages, such as 12 year old, 15, 17, 18, 21, 25 and so forth, right up to 75 year old and potentially even beyond.

Should you wish to enquire about the availability of other age statements generally, or about specific ages, please contact us either by email to , or using the contact form here.